Are you feeling de ja vu? If you have already completed Parts 1 and 2 click here.  But if you ever need to update any information, this is the perfect screen to do it from.

If this is completely new to you and you haven't already - check out our application overview and prep here.  They make all the difference! 

There are 3 parts to the application.

  1. Set-up your partner account - if you redeemed an invite, congratulations! This is already done.
  2. Nonprofit and Contact Information
  3. Eligibility and other information

All three are necessary for a complete application. 

Tip: If you see a search looking glass - click on it! These are your options.

Any started or submitted eligibility submissions for your organization appears in the list below.

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New Organizations Logging In First-Time Only:

Part 1: Partner Portal Set-up


Everyone - anytime

Part 2: Nonprofit and Contact Information


Part 3 Information

Governmental Units: Click here for Part 3 (takes you out of portal)

Federations: Click here for Part 3 (takes you out of portal)

RETURNING Organizations: Do you see an application in progress down below started by Jeremiah Sullivan?  Well he's our awesome developer and he helped us out by uploading some information for you into your application that we already had on file.  Feel free to click the blue down arrow next to the application to edit and finish it!

Everyone else click the gorgeous blue button below

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