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Demo of the Application Portal:

How do I know if I am New or Returning?

If you are on this list AND your number starts with a 9 you are returning.

If you are on this list AND your number starts with anything else, you are a part of a federation and your federation usually applies on your behalf - please check with them first.

If you are NOT on this list (even if you participated previously) you are New.

Returning organizations:

The shortest distance is to redeem the invitation code that was sent to you by email.  Here is a list of organizations and who within the organization received an invite code.

Here is how you redeem it (hint: click the word "Redeem" in the original email)

My invite code isn't working, can you help?

  • Make sure you are linking through by clicking on the word "Redeem" in the email.  Invite Codes are very long strings of letters, numbers, and dashes.  The look like a registration code for software.
  • The "CRM" number in the subject line is NOT the invitation code - that is auto-generated part of the subject line. 

I am trying to log-in and it is telling me access denied, that's not very nice. 

  • Are you trying to use last year's log-in information?  That was for the old system, this is a new one and everyone needs to establish a new username and password. 

I did that- but it still doesn't like me. 

  • Are you using the correct Username (it may not be your email address if you didn't set it up that way).  If you don't remember your log-in - email a request for it. 
  • Have you confirmed your email address?  (check your email for this)

I am trying to reset my password but it isn't showing up in my email. What's up with that, yo?

  • Do you have the correct username?
  • Did you already confirm your email address? If you haven't confirmed your email address it won't send out the password reset.  We can help you with this. 

Can I save the application and come back later?

Yes, you can log-in and update Parts 2 and 3 of the application.  Once Part 1 is completed it doesn't need to be re-done. 

Part 2 - Update right on the screen and then click submit at the bottom of the page

Part 3 - Scroll down and you will see the application in progress. Click on the blue down arrow and choose continue existing application.  Part 3 saves as you click through the answers.

Here is a video showing you how


Is there a short-cut to get back to Eligibility Part 3?

From the homepage, up at the top navigation click on KCEGP Application.  From there you can see Part 3 in progress (also see the video in the question above.)

How can I have someone else review the application before we submit?

Anyone on the account (anyone in your contacts) can view the information. 

  • Make sure they are listed in the contacts in Part 2
  • They can then open up and review it Part 3 - Scroll down and you will see the application in progress. Click on the blue down arrow and choose continue existing application.  They can then click through to see the information.

What do you mean by “put term here”?

If a term is not clear, take a look at our implementation guide. (Downloadable PDF) These are the items we may request to substantiate your answers in the instance of an audit or document request.

How do I delete a contact?

This might be your favorite part! Cleaning up the contacts lists. 

To delete: 

  • Go here to Nonprofit Information 
  • Scroll down to the contact section
  • Click on the blue arrow next to the contact you wish to delete
  • Choose deactivate
  • It will ask if you are sure, and if you are, say yes!

Error Message: On Step 8 of Part 3 I get this error message

We are not sure why - but sometimes this questions gets a little fickle.  Luckily, the fix is super easy: 

On the question: For this financial statement was the nonprofit's gross annual income:

Re-choose your answer.  This will trigger the logic for next question in the sequence to appear.

Why I am still getting emails?

Junelle - we love you, and the emails, the emails are pretty funny. But I thought I was done! Why I am still getting them?  Now, I am worried, did you not ACTUALLY get my application?

So... here's the deal - until this system, we didn't actually have any way of pulling you out as we went.  If you get a personalized reminder from me it is because I spent hours reconciling who has and hasn't applied yet, creating a beautiful mail merge and then reaching out. As of this moment our email lists are our email lists.  If you get one - you get all.

I know that kinda sucks and I don't want to spam you! Which is why.... we are going to this system :)

In the future, I should be able to send more targeted emails and only lovingly nudge those who actually need the nudge.  Isn't that exciting?!! So, hang with me! We are almost there my friends!

In the meantime, here is a list of where applications are as of a certain time that probably took me way to long to get together but I love you and want to reduce your stress. :) I know the file name says 4-20. Check at the top of the document for when it was last updated.