How do I know if I am new or returning?

Returning organizations are on this list.
If your four digit KCEGP code starts with 10 or a 9, then you apply directly to us. If it starts with any other number you are represented by a federation and they apply on your behalf. Please double-check if they are applying for you this year as well. 

Returning Organizations

First things first: Make sure you are logged in with your username or you have redeemed an invite. If you don't know your username you can request it here. Please note: If you register a new user and/or activate a new portal account you could potentially erase anything previously in the system. 


The application is broken into two parts:
  1. Nonprofit and Contact Information - please review and submit any changes as needed. 
  2. Other information, eligibility, and certifications - required every year, you will see an application in progress with pre-filled information from prior years.  
Continue to review and update Part 1 by clicking below:

Nonprofit and Contact Information